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    ' Let love in '

    Collage on paper

    © Sammy Slabbinck 2014

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    no Santa, they’re not gifts, they’re jifts.

    and who doesn’t love jivving and receiving jifts!…

  4. virtual-artifacts:

    Mold for a Heron Plaque

    This mold depicts a heron, a bird associated with the sun, the annual flooding of the Nile, and the afterlife.

    2nd-1st century BC (Greco-Roman)

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    ca_20140918_015 (by Costică Acsinte Archive)

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  6. Female festive costume. Chuvash. Beginning of XX century.

    Russian Museum of Ethnography

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    Dune, where’s my car?

    Bravo Simpsons. Bravo. 

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    Tibetan or Chinese,

    14th–16th century

    Iron, gold, silver L. overall 34 7/8 in. (88.6 cm), blade, L. 29½ in. (74.9 cm)

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Rogers Fund and Fletcher Fund, by exchange, 1995 (1995.136) cat. no. 57

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    DSC00780 on Flickr.

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  11. science-illustrated:

    The geography-cartography-topography of the planet Mars (which took me ageeeees to complete)! You can see the whole project here.

    I wanted to show the striking dichotomy of the Marsian surface (the two hemispheres differ in elevation by 1 to 3 km). While the northern one-third is relatively flat and lies below the conventional ‘zero elevation’ level (aka the “sea level”, only there’s no ocean to evaluate), the southern hemisphere is mountains and highlands heavily cratered. Plus there are large river valleys and outflow channels cutting through the separation. Our deserts are quite boring in comparison!

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  12. Female festive costume. Mari (Cheremis). Beginning of XX century.

    Russian Museum of Ethnography

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    Sykes–Picot Agreement (1916) [3600x3293]

  15. Tina Modotti, Telegraph Wires, 1925

    (Source: last-picture-show, via miss-magdalena)

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