1. Aquarell

    Japan (Land/Region)
    Ainu (Ethnie)

    Tusche, leichte Farben,Papier
    Objektmaß: H: 71 cm B: 46 cm

    Ident.Nr. I A 5091
    Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Ethnologisches Museum

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    Meenakashi was an avatar of Parvati who was a consort of Shiva (who is considered the Supreme God in the Hindu denomination of Shaivism).  His avatar during Meenakashi’s earthly reign was Sundareswarar. Meenakashi’s name comes from the words mina which means fish and aksi which means eyes.

    see more extraordinary photos of the meenakshi amman temple to the hindu goddess parvati and her consort shiva here.

    Madurai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

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  6. Aquarell

    Japan (Land/Region)
    Ainu (Ethnie)

    Objektmaß: H: 63,5 cm B: 47 cm

    Ident.Nr. I A 5094
    Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Ethnologisches Museum

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    Les Cités Obscures by François Schuiten

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    Geiko Kingo in 1905

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    本郷界隈 on Flickr.

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    Welcome (2014)

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    Captivating Black-And-White Street Photos Of Hong Kong From The 1950s

    When photographer Fan Ho wandered the streets of Hong Kong’s old Central as a teenager armed with a Rolleiflex, he received varying reactions, ranging from intimidating stares by butchers, to enthusiastic smiles from girls who asked to be photographed twice. 

    The award-winning photographer captured the quaint activities that took place in the old Central in the 1950s, with photos that showed the residents having a quick meal by the steps, and streets filled with coolies and rickshaw drivers. 

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    Bir Osmanlı Hattat Gereçleri, 19. yy

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    Gully, Up-close

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