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    Action shot : a Saint Chamond tank is getting ready to support French infantry that has been pinned down during its progression to reach Courcelles. At the end of the war, allied troops managed to work effectively with close tank support, able to clear machinegun nests, pillboxes and heavily fortified lines that would have been otherwise deadly for non-armored troops. The Saint Chamon 75 canon was very effective for this kind of task. 1918.

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    A map showing the shrinkage of the Aral Sea, 1960-2004

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    Stunning black and white photographs of San Francisco in the 1940s-60s by Fred Lyon.

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    He opened a small bar in Shinjuku. The bar is always crowded despite the bad economy. -Photography by Tsutomu Yamagata

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    Yashica Mat 124G

    Kodak Ektachrome EPP 100

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    Types Algériens. Femme des Ouled Naı̈ls Photography by Neurdein frer̀es, ca. 1860-90.

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