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    DSC01388 on Flickr.

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    The pioneering women of electronic music – an interactive timeline – The Vinyl Factory


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    Here’s today’s Daily GIF!

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    Odalisque (unpublished outtake), 1943

    As the 2014 Paris Photo fair nears, we’re just about through making our selection of 20th century work. This photo by the German-American fashion photographer, Horst P. Horst, is an unpublished outtake from his Odalisque series. The photos produced during this shoot are a throwback to the harem depictions made by French orientalist painters of the 19th century.

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    Full-length portrait of wealthy Buriat man and his wife, facing front, Carte de viste, ca. 1870-86. From the George Kennan Papers

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    German Aviator (by Wooway1)

  7. Imagine that one day the whole world would look like this.

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    André Breton, Paul Éluard & Suzanne Muzard, Untitled 1931

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    Fried Egg!  from Smartphone a photography project by Benz Thanachart

    In the series, Thanachart pairs each photograph with the word he shouted out to capture hilariously confused and inquisitive expressions.

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    Mask from the Chokwe people of DR Congo, Angola or Zambia

    ca. early 20th century

    Wood, beads, raffia, cloth, metal, rope

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    History of the Regent

    The “regent” pompadour has been the go-to hairstyle for Japanese delinquents for more than eight decades. W. David Marx looks at how the infamous coiffure got its pseudo-English name and morphed from slick imitation of British royalty to fluffy blond biker parody.
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    Project Horizon, 1959 & Apollo 11 Tranquility, 1969. NASA Lunar base concept art.

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    hong kong, china, 1972

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