1. eastberliner:

    tower III , Halle/Saale 2014

  2. 20aliens:

    Greg Girard

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    Pierre Jacquet-Droz, Young Writer, 1770

    From K.G. Pontus Hultén’s The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age, Moma, 1968

  6. commonersking:


    Shark Isle by artist Kendrick See.

    i have never seen a better interpretation of “land shark”.

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  7. patrickjoust:

    untitled on Flickr.

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    Mamiya C330 S and Sekor 65mm f/3.5

    Fujifilm Neopan 100 ACROS developed in Xtol (1:1)

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  8. taishou-kun:

    Hangyoku reading a newspaper

    Hand coloured postcard - Japan - 1910

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  9. A group of women in festive clothes in the carriage.

    Bashkirs. Ufa Province.

    Russian Museum of Ethnography

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  11. thelairdco:

    Grids of Hong Kong facades.

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  12. 1900mm:

    Northridge earthquake: the living room 

    Amazingly, the TV was fine. At our house on Hiawatha in Chatsworth, January 17, 1994 (by klk)

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  13. kou-1:

    DSC00054 on Flickr.

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  14. Family in festive clothes.

    Bashkirs. Beginning of XX century.

    Russian Museum of Ethnography

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  15. thekimonogallery:

    Old mailbox.  Ueno, Japan.   Photography  by Alfie Goodrich

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