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    Horizontal Sweep Power Beam Tetrode 6П7С (6P7S)

    6П7С (6P7S) is Soviet equivalent of 6GB6G which is octal modification of the famous RCA 807.

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    Last of the #clarksdale #barbershops #type #signage

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    A scheme to remake New York includes filling in the East and Harlem Rivers, creating a new East River on the border of Brooklyn and Queens, and adding 100 miles of new waterfront to lower Manhattan, south of Jersey City and off Staten Island. Popular Science Monthly. January 1916.

    "Imagine the value of this new land for docks, warehouses and business blocks! The tax assessments alone should make a fortune!"

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  12. Ave C, 1965
    James Jowers
    (George Eastman House)

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    Wada Sanzo

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    Saltscapes San Francisco Bay Cris Benton

    Benton’s images allow us to slip our earthly bonds and see the world from new heights, his aerial views offering a fresh perspective on familiar landscapes. Surprising and sublime, Saltscapes can be enjoyed equally as a collection of art photography and a portrait of ecological transformation and resilience.”