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    Showing off…

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    The fresh-water fishes of China / by John Treadwell Nichols on Flickr.

    By Nichols, John T. (John Treadwell), 1883-1958 
    Central Asiatic Expeditions 1921-1930 
    Publication info New York :American Museum of Natural History,1943.

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  3. japaneseaesthetics:

    Golden Pheasant (Kinkei).  Ink and color on paper.  About 1820’s, Japan, by artist Chô Gesshô

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  4. Kartikeya and Tripurasura. Albumen print by Richard Banner Oakeley of sculptures at Halebid in Karnataka. 1856.

    British Library

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    Cloud cover at night illuminated by unidentified city below. Image taken by NASA’s Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit on the ISS


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    "can always find a millionaire to shovel all the coal"

    greenwich village, nyc.

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    J | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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  10. A Buddha statue discovered at the Mes Aynak archaeological site in the eastern province of Logar, in Afghanistan. The ancient city sits on top of one of the world’s largest known copper deposits, which is currently on lease to a state-owned Chinese mining company [Credit: Brent Huffman ]
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  11. wonderfulambiguity:

    Andreas Feininger, Midtown Manhattan, 1941

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    Daido Moriyama, Selected Images, 1997. Five Polaroid prints. Each approximately 8 × 7.6 cm (3 1/8 × 2 7/8 in)

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    Ushiwakamaru (Right and Benkei (Left)

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  14. A gold-plated Buddha head is just one of many artefacts found at the Mes Aynak site. [Credit: Brent Huffman ]
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  15. eastmanhouse:

    Two men eating watermelon

    ca. 1855
    daguerreotype with applied color
    Overall: 5.8 x 4.5 cm (1/9 plate)
    National Origin: United States